Long Term Care

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Spruce Lodge Long Term Care as the name implies, is a Ministry of Health and Long Term Care approved Long Term Care Home.  As an approved  LTC Home the Lodge must comply with the Long Term Care Homes Act, 2007.  Each Home is inspected each year by the Ministry staff, against more than 400 standards of care.

Long Term Care Homes are intended to serve those over the age of 18 years, who are dependent on the personal care and support of others on an ongoing basis.  Spruce Lodge is somewhat unique in that it has much smaller living areas as compared to other LTC homes, intended to make it feel more home-like and less congested in each area.  While the Lodge serves upwards of 126 residents, it has 7 living areas, each serving between 16 and 21 individuals.   The Lodge is what is referred to as a Category A Home, implying that it meets current LTC design standards.

Residents enjoy full dietary service, with 3 meals, snacks and refreshments during the day, and in addition to personal support staff and registered nursing staff, there is also staff who run activities and programs, staff who coordinate spiritual services and therapy services, staff who take care of all laundry, not to mention staff who take care of the building and property.   Suffice to say the Lodge is a hub of activity, serving those who have a multitude of needs.

To qualify for Spruce Lodge Long Term Care, applicants must be assessed for eligibility by placement coordinators who work for South West Local Health Integration Network, and who then manage the entire LTC active waiting list and admission process.

It is important to know that everyone in the province of Ontario is able to afford to live in Long Term Care, because daily rates may be reduced depending on a person’s income, and provided they reside in what is referred to as a basic room.   In the case of the Lodge a basic room is a room shared with another 1 or 2 persons, with one shared bathroom.    The Lodge also has semi private rooms where two people share the same washroom, as well as private rooms.

Our Philosophy

As is noted on our Home page, our philosophy or our approach, or how we wish to operate is that we put “People First” .  We work together with you to achieve what we hope is a great place to live; with the foods you like, the care and support you need, the events and activities you enjoy,  the mutual respect everyone deserves, and the privacy and independence you desire.

Care Accreditation

We are an accredited facility since 1981. Currently, we are a CARF Canada accredited facility. In keeping with our Mission Statement, the Resident Care department provides individual based care to all of our residents. We endeavour to enhance the quality of life for our residents through physical care, emotional care and environmental care.

We determine the individual needs, likes and dislikes of our residents and develop a resident-centered plan of care. Our nursing staff provide all of the necessary care for Activities of Daily Living, such as bathing in whirlpool tubs, or showers, dressing in weather-appropriate attire that the resident has chosen, and a pleasurable dining experience at all meals. Our dining areas are located on each home area, therefore offering a small group experience with no more than 21 residents in each area. With a little notice and small fee, any visitor or family member is welcome to share a meal with their loved one. You will be hosted in a separate, private area.

Resident Assistant staff from each area take pride in decorating their units for the current season or occasion. Residents are encouraged to participate if able, or to oversee these activities. Any family member wishing to help with the decorations is encouraged to speak with the area staff.

Our Registered Staff oversee a compliment of well trained Resident Assistant staff 24 hours per day, seven days per week, to ensure quality, professional nursing care at all times. We provide “aging in place”. Therefore as your loved one requires more assistance from staff, they will not be relocated to another room or home area.

Many of our nursing staff members have taken the Palliative Care course and are dedicated to provide compassionate care at this difficult time.

Municipal Non-Profit

Spruce Lodge, as it is seen today, was built in 1965 to replace the old “County Home” that was built in 1896 on the same site. The original structure was owned and operated by Perth County. However, when the new building was erected, the City of Stratford became an equal partner with the County. In 1978, the Town of St. Marys joined the County and the City as a part owner of Spruce Lodge. The residents of all three municipalities now enjoy the use of the Lodge, as do so many that come from other parts of the Province.

As owners, The County of Perth, the City of Stratford and the Town of St. Marys each contribute their proportionate share toward Spruce Lodge operations. These contributions are intended to enable the Lodge to meet municipal obligations and to ensure a standard of care and service that each Municipality can be proud of together. The overall operation of the Lodge is the responsibility of a Board of Directors that is comprised of Municipal Councilors who are appointed by their respective Councils.