Independent Living

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While Hamlet Estates is on the Spruce Lodge Campus of Care,  with the Prince Unit of Hamlet Estates attached by a covered link on the south end of the Lodge,  residents are generally interested in a more carefree lifestyle, but are not required to take part in or to purchase additional services.   Should residents require additional support services, they would receive these from the myriad of community support services, much as they would if they were not living on the Spruce Lodge campus.   Certainly being on the Spruce campus enables residents to access the many programs and services of both Spruce Lodge and Woodland Towers, these programs and services are optional.

What is Life Lease

Life Lease is an independent housing model that allows residents to purchase the right to occupy their unit for life. The Life Lease is secured through an upfront capital payment, usually comparable to what one might expect to pay on the open market for other housing of comparable size and features.

Life lease housing is an increasingly popular housing choice for primarily older adults who are able to live independently. In life lease housing, you do not own a property; you hold an “interest” in that property in exchange for a lump sum payment up-front, with monthly maintenance fees and property tax payments. The life lease interest gives you the right to occupy, or live in a unit rather than owning the unit itself.  In the case of Hamlet Estates when you eventually sell your life lease interest, you receive the full sale price less a 5% transfer fee and applicable fees should you opt to hire a realtor.  

For more information on Life Leases as defined by Ontario’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, please click here.

Building Services

Hamlet Estates is a non-profit organization which operates aesthetically pleasing residential facilities for seniors and the physically challenged in a community setting designed to provide independent living in accessible, individual homes located close to health services, social amenities, parks, shopping and transportation.

  • 67 single story garden homes
  • Market value purchase price
  • Excellent resale value
  • Modest monthly occupancy fee
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Planned activity services
  • Swimming pool access
  • Coordination of community support services available - if and as needed!

Resident Council

Residents' Council members are selected by the residents of Hamlet Estates to represent them as per established guidelines.  The council functions in an advisory capacity to the Hamlet Estates Board of Directors.

The council will:

  • Liaise with Administration and maintenance regarding the wellbeing of residents, maintenance of property, planning of programs and services, and review of handbook rules and regulations from time to time
  • Produce and circulate the Resident Council minutes, and the Hamlet Herald, understanding that these circulations do not necessarily represent the opinions and position of the Hamlet Estates Board of Directors.