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  1. Is there a waiting list?
    • Yes, there is a chronologically ordered waiting list based on the date that we receive a completed application.
  2. How do I apply?
  3. What happens after I submit my application?
    • The Housing Coordinator will review the application for completeness, and determine which wait list you are eligible for. You will be placed on to the appropriate wait list in chronological order based on date of application.

Apartment Offers

  1. How will an apartment offer be made?
    • The Housing Coordinator will contact you via telephone to make the initial offer, based on meeting the eligibility requirements for that apartment suite.
  2. How long do I have to accept an offer?
    • You will need to accept or decline the apartment offer no later than 24 hours after the date that you had the opportunity to view the apartment suite.
  3. If I turn down the offer what happens?
    • If you decline an offer, you will remain on the waiting list in the same position until the next apartment suite offer that you are eligible for. You can decline three (3) offers, before your name is removed from our waiting list and then there will be a 6 month waiting period in order to re-apply, where a new application date will be assigned.

What You Should Know Prior to Moving In

  1. What is the process for moving in?
    • After meeting eligibility requirements, a lease agreement will be provided to you for your review and signature. The Housing Coordinator will explain the move-in process, and show you the move-in area. The suite/apartment keys will be given to you on the day prior to your move-in.
  2. Are the suites/apartments furnished?
    • Each suite/apartment will be supplied to you in move-in ready condition complete with a fridge and stove, however, you will need to provide the remaining furnishings for your suite/apartment. You are welcome to arrange an appointment with the Housing Coordinator to take measurements for window coverings, and of the suite/apartment, in order for you to determine which items you would like to bring with you.
  3. Is there extra storage available?
    • Each suite/apartment has its own small storage room within the suite, and there is seasonal storage available for your balcony/patio furniture in our pavilion. Depending on availability, there are a very limited number of small storage lockers and are assigned on a first come, first serve basis via our Support Services Manager.
  4. What kind of parking is available?
    • Parking is available for those with a car in one of our outdoor parking spaces. We will assign a designated parking spot on a first come, first serve basis.
  5. Do the apartments have balconies?
    • All apartments on the ground levels will have walkout patios, and those on floors higher up will have outdoor balconies.
  6. Is there elevator access?
    • Yes, there is elevator access to all floors via an elevator in each tower.
  7. Am I allowed to smoke in my apartment?
    • No, there is no smoking permitted inside Woodland Towers. Other than the residents who have been grandfathered, all new residents after January 1, 2010, must smoke outside at least 30’ away from the building in the designated areas.
  8. Can I bring my pet to live with me?
    • Pets are welcomed companions in Woodland Towers, and there is a 1 pet per apartment suite policy in place. We require annual proof of immunizations, and pets are to be on a leash when they are outside of the apartment suite.
  9. Am I able to prepare my own meals?
    • Yes. Each resident is welcome to prepare meals in their own kitchen, which includes its own fridge and stove, inside each apartment suite. On the days you don’t feel like cooking, our congregate dining program includes 16 hot, noon-hour meals a month in our main dining room, which the resident is welcome to participate to a greater extent should they wish.
  10. Are there laundry facilities in each apartment?
    • Each tower has its own laundry facility, and residents will be assigned a designated weekly time slot. Residents in Woodland Towers 3 have their own laundry area inside their apartment suite, or can use the main laundry area if they wish.


  1. Do I pay my own utilities?
    • All utility costs for residents in Tower 1 or 2 will be included as part of the monthly rental costs. Tower 3 suites’ utilities are individually metered, and these residents will be required to set up accounts to pay directly to the supplier for their Natural Gas, and Hydro.
  2. What kind of heating is in the apartment?  Do I control my own temperature in my apartment?
    • Suites in Towers 1 and 2 are heated by electric baseboard heating, and residents control their own adjustable thermostat in each apartment suite. Residents in Tower 3 will be heated via Natural Gas and set on a programmable thermostat.
  3. Is there air conditioning in the apartment?
    • Residents in Towers 1 and 2 will need to provide their own air conditioning unit (floor models preferred) while Residents in Tower 3 will be able to lower the temperature within their suite via the programmable thermostat.
  4. How do I set up cable/internet/telephone?
    • Rogers Cable connectivity is automatic via a bulk agreement with Rogers on day of move-in. Telephone and Internet are up to the resident to make arrangements directly with the supplier of their choosing.

What You Should Know, Now That You Are Here

  1. What happens after I move in?
    • After you move in, our Support Services Manager will meet with you to go over her role, and explain our programs and services with you, and to help answer any additional questions you may have.
  2. What is included in the Support Services Package? Do I have to participate in it?
    • The Support Services package is the benefit of living in Woodland Towers as opposed to other apartment buildings, and is a mandatory package for all of our residents. It includes 16 hot noon-hour meals a month in our congregate dining room, Emergency Response services connected to our support staff 24/7 for emergency purposes only, full activity program, as well controlled front door entry system and prime time use of the therapeutic pool and health and wellness centre.


  1. What is the process to terminate my tenancy (Rental Unit)?
    • Terminating a tenancy requires giving the Housing Coordinator a written notice before the first of the month, following which residents will have 30 days to clean out the possessions of the apartment. Once the apartment suite is vacated, they will notify and remit the keys back to the Housing Coordinator.   
  2. What is the process to terminate my Life Lease?
    • Terminating a Life Lease requires notifying the Housing Coordinator and Administrator in writing of your intent to terminate the Life Lease, following which we will initiate the sale process.  
    • The resident remains responsible for all associated occupancy fees including the EnerCare Hydro and Union Gas accounts until the time that the sale process is complete.  
    • Given the monies involved, we strongly encourage the use of a lawyer to handle the final transaction of sale.  
    • Residents will be asked to sign "Surrender of Life Lease" upon final closing, and keys will be remitted to the Housing Coordinator on the day of closing (unless other arrangements have been agreed upon).