Supported Independent Living

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Located on the Spruce Lodge Campus of Care, Woodland Towers is the name given to three apartment towers owned and operated by Spruce Lodge Non-Profit Housing (SLNPH).   SLNPH is an independent not-for-profit housing provider with a community Board of Directors, whose mandate it is to provide affordable independent living for both Seniors and adults with physical disabilities. Woodland Towers, however, is more than just a place to live.

In many ways Woodland Towers provides what we commonly term, independent living with a twist, or supported independent living.  People move to the Towers for affordable living, peace of mind and services that support their ability to live independently and to age in place.  Amenities and services include everything from accessible doorways in the buildings, to many fully accessible suites, to emergency call bells in each apartment, to congregate dining services and a host of activities, convenient services and wellness programs. 

While the Towers are operated completely separate from Spruce Lodge, they are physically connected to the Lodge on the main floor, which enables Towers residents to visit their friends and relatives who may reside at Spruce Lodge.  Towers residents are also welcome to visit the Lodge for many of the special events that take place in the Spruce Lodge “Living Room”.

Social Housing

Woodland Towers is also publicly funded social housing where rent is intended to be affordable for all.  Some of the units are rented at market rent.  Market rent is similar to other apartment units in the Stratford community.  However, some rents are subsidized and are based on a person’s monthly income and assets, and some units are leased on a life-lease arrangement.  The idea is that rent is affordable for all and uniquely tailored to individual needs and circumstances.

Our Philosophy

As is noted on our Home page, our philosophy or our approach, or how we wish to operate is that we put “People First” .  We work together with you to achieve what we hope is a great place to live; with the foods you like, the care and support you need, the events and activities you enjoy, the mutual respect everyone deserves, and the privacy and independence you desire.