2022 Spruce Lodge Resident Quality of Life Survey Results

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The final 3 questions were new for 2022 so no data to compare to as well as I can speak up without fear of consequences.


What are two things that you would like the staff of Spruce Lodge to continue doing:

  • Being friendly
  • Listening to my ideas
  • Good staff that are happy with their shifts
  • Activity staff try their best to keep residents involved
  • Help me
  • Bring me more beer
  • Worship opportunities
  • Good meals and good service
  • Good music program
  • To continue to respect and friendliness
  • They mostly are pretty good
  • Everything is fine and everything can keep on as is
  • Landscaping in the gardens is very nice
  • Love music therapist and the music program
  • Enjoy the live entertainment
  • Love being able to play shuffleboard